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B i o g r a p h y



   Wezi's interest in music began from an early age, when he would listening to his father’s blues rock albums where he discovered the music of; Ten Years After, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix. His Mother bought him his first guitar aged 7 and he imediatley started playing pop and rock. By 14 he grew fond of jazz and was touring with his local Big Band. During his final year of A levels he discovered the lute works of Antonio Vivaldi and JS. Bach and instantly fell in love with the instrument, and was determined to play the lute. Unfortunately, as you could imagine acquiring a lute and a teacher was a complication in its self. However fortune was upon Wezi as he bumped into Peter Jones outside Stockwell tube station who just happened to have a lute. Peter offered to give Wezi lessons where he advised Wezi to acquire a lute of his own and study at the Royal College of Music.


  Wezi recieved very own lute in 2009 and quickly became fluent and competent enough to audition for the Royal College of Music in February 2010 and was accepted to study at the College the following September under the professorship of Jakob Lindberg. Since joining the college he has been playing solo and ensemble music all over the country. In 2011 he was awarded a grant from his home town of Tottenham and an anonymous donation for his achievements in his performance of lute and ensemble music.


   He has played solo performances in churches all around London including the famous ‘St Bartholomew the Great’ in the City of London and also played lute for Shakespeare plays at the globe theater and Oxford University student productions as well as playing the Lachrimae with the Prince Consort Viol group in Cambridge. As a gifted continuo player Wezi has worked with renowned harpsichordist Roger Hamilton and various small baroque ensambles around the country. But most of Wezi’s preforming is with the duo he formed with Soprano Anna Thunström. The duo perform songsfrom the renaissance and baroque period but concerntrate in the English style and language.



  Now that he has graduated from the Royal College of Music he is keeping himself busy by performing, teaching lute and guitar as well as music theory. Having some impressive performance experience under his belt such as being a soloist in several orchestral concerts, live BBC radio 3 recital and Brighton Early Music Festival with Dame Emma Kirkby, Wezi is looking to use this experience to furthur boost his career.


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